-----Is lifereally life until youve had a fresh soursop...? i dont think so lol

Welcome to the vibrant island of Puerto Rico, where the tropical climate and fertile soil make for some of the most delicious and abundant fruit markets in the Caribbean.

From roadside stands to bustling marketplaces, the island is brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables that showcase the flavors and traditions of the region. Its very easy to find a Wal-mart or major supermarket but thats not local, and youll feel right at home ….we on the island baby, here we can eat local! The place youre really looking for is called Plaza del Mercado!

Eating local fruits is not only a delicious way to experience the unique flavors of a region, but it also has many important benefits for both the experience and your health.

Firstly, eating local fruits can significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Imported fruits, like the bananas Your local supermaket, are often transported over long distances. Why is that a problem?

Eating local fruits brings significant health benefits. Fruits that are grown locally are picked when they are fully ripe and at the peak of their nutritional value, meaning they contain higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Additionally, local fruits are usually fresher and have been exposed to fewer pesticides and chemicals compared to imported fruits, which can be treated with preservatives to prolong their shelf life. Eating local fruits can also support a healthy gut, as they often contain more diverse strains of bacteria that are beneficial for our gut health. Overall, incorporating a variety of local fruits into our diets can be a delicious way to support both our health and the environment.

Supporting local farmers at the market is an important way to help sustain local agriculture, preserve farmland, and ensure access to fresh, healthy foods. By buying produce directly from farmers at Plaza del Mercado, you can reduce the environmental impact of food transportation and support small-scale, sustainable agriculture. Additionally, supporting local farmers can help preserve local food traditions and cultural heritage, as well as provide a sense of community and connection between you and the local farmers!  By investing in local agriculture and supporting farmers who practice sustainable and regenerative farming practices, we can help build a more resilient and equitable food system that benefits both people and the planet.

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