Being able to sunbathe on a consistent basis teaches you some things.
The sun told me yesterday, “Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and say, ‘You’re an amazing muthafu*ker!'” that glow real!
You gotta do that because you project Outward whatever your Internal attitude is.

In the mirror you can see if you got crumbs around your mouth, so take that time to get yourself right, and start building that confidence in yourself. It takes confidence to pursue your health and improvement, some people just leave them crumbs on they face. It can be scary to get on a plane and go to a new place, learn about new food, and challenge ourselves to Change! Courage is more than bravery, bravery is not being scared. Courage is being scared and still achieving your goals.

This is emotional health we talking about, unhooking is necessary. The island makes that easy, every opportunity is a chance to do what we Need to do for ourselves, while we away from the familiar triggers to eat hot dogs and stress out in traffic.

In our brains we have neurons and they wires themselves by making bonds from what you do and your habits; trauma, and family history has big role in that also, but we also have neuro-plasticity which means we can reshape our connections.
After 6 years old your mind is Yours to start shaping, so is the responsibility to form your mind, mental, and emotional health.

Everybody thinks your brain is the King, but thats like saying your gut is King. Your HEART should be the only King but thats once you get your Heart set on Right.
Learning to unhook means detaching from the old me, old attachments, triggers, and bad habits.
This allows to be free.
When we free we learn we dont need to be frustrated at people who may be behaving badly, often what upsets us most in others are things we dont like in ourselves. From a place of gratitude and awareness we can spread light to all we encounter. You owe it yourself to bask in your own light.

Sun on the beach helps.


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