“The devil sure do stay busy” – Somebody’s Grandma
Peace! Since we’ve first published this book, so many amazing things
have happened. This should be a great moment – our 10th anniversary
edition of a self-empowerment guide that has quite literally changed
the world. Nearly every successful artist and athlete I respect has read
this book or heard of it!
Bigger than that, there are the millions of people, much like yourself,
who may not have a platform (yet!), who have been impacted by this
book and the two dozen titles that followed it!
At Supreme Design Publishing, we take pride in producing high-quality nonfiction books. They’re well-researched and designed to produce
great changes in any reader, through a process of nonformal education
inspired by my doctoral dissertation on the learning-centered culture
of the Five Percent in America.
When we change lives, we change communities. We’ve won a few
awards and our books earn amazing reviews from all walks of life. This
book has been translated into Spanish (by readers!) and will soon be in
French. It’s used in university courses across the country. It’s been
spotted in quite a few big artists’ videos. Yet i’s bigger than rap videos!
Here are six things we’re proud to see over the past decade:
1. Getting the blessing of ancestor Dick Gregory as the “change in
the wind” the community needed before his transition
2. Contributing to getting political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal off
death row and into general population
3. Assisting former drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross in his transition to community change activist, educator, and author
4. Empowering hundreds of businesses, schools, community centers,
and parents with the resources they needed
5. Ensuring that thousands of Black and brown people (prolly some
white folks too) didn’t go back to prison, thanks to a greater understanding of self, allowing them to raise families!
6. Changing tens of thousands of lives through the gift of self-directed learning and a roadmap to success that works! Ina language
most of us can relate to!
Our books are banned in prison! Yes, in prison systems across the
country. Not just the self-empowerment guide, even science-based
texts like The Science of Self are banned!
You don’t just get a reprimand for reading our books, you go to the
Solitary confinement. 23 hour lockdown.
For inhumane stretches of time. For reading self-help literature?
Here’s what anyone should know about these books.
1. There’s never been an incident of violence or unrest related
to our books or their readers. Yet these books are considered a
“security threat” because they “threaten the functioning” of some
facilities. What functions are being threatened by inmates reading
and becoming study-oriented and wanting to improve themselves
and help others?
2. The books don’t increase criminality! Despite the attentioncatching headlines, this book shows people how and why NOT to
be criminal, and how to live righteously. They explore the risks of
poor choices and how to live wisely for a better future. Who does
this threaten?
3. Mental health goes UP when people read. When they read empowering literature, they are less likely to engage in self-destructive
behavior and spend less time stressing and reacting!
4. Recidivism goes DOWN when you read our books. When
young warriors enter the prison system and encounter our books
and the guidance that comes with them, they rarely reoffend! Is
this ultimately what threatens the functioning of these facilities?
That prisoners don’t come back?
5. Book banning is like slavery! In fact, since prison remains the
only legal form of slavery not abolished by the Constitution or its
Amendments, perhaps literate and self-motivated people are indeed a threat to the functioning of the system.
Prisons are profitable – is recidivism the goal? Are we being targeted
for cutting into the free labor that keeps this industry in business?
Who thinks this is wrong?
Is this why Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow was once banned in
prisons as well? Was it dangerous for Black people to learn that prison
was modern day slavery because it might shake some out of accepting
that lot as their life? What do our books do that warrants them still being on this ban list?
Why are inmates treated so harshly simply for owning The Science of
Self, a scientific text full of references on geneology, astronomy, and
evolutionary history? Or a health text called The Hood Health Handbook?
Or a history book on ancient Black civilizations?
What do the prisoners forced into solitary as a “security threat group”
for owning a book called Knowledge of Self or Black God have to denounce about themselves to get free? It just sounds crazy.
These books are used in universities and schools, so we’re sure
they don’t espouse hatred – only self love and self development.
They’re also nonfiction works full of references. So what’s really happening here?
We know prison education program push profits over people and typically don’t help. Our books do. Is that the problem?
Are educated Black and Hispanic (or Indigenous/Native) people that
scary – that books teaching ancestral values and self-empowerment must be banned – and people who have done nothing else
“wrong” must be thrown in 23 hour SOLITARY CONFIEMENT simply for having them in their possession?
All that to say – time for our books and readers to be given a break!
If you’re of moral conscience, you know there’s no good reason
for any of it.
I considered editing each line that some official had cited as their “evidence” these books could cause problems, but I soon realized I could
rewrite the books in full and they’d still end up blocked somehow.
That’s when I realized this was a First Amendment kind of situation,
and predominantly Black and Hispanic people are being stripped of
their civil and human rights! Meanwhile, you can find white nationalist
literature like Mein Kampf in many prison libraries! Something is seriously wrong here!
Rather than spend our time trying to change these books any further,
I’d like to raise a demand for prisoners to be given their rights, including the right to educate themselves and read empowering literature
that changes lives.
Lend your voice against the squashing of literacy among those who
can benefit most from it – those incarcerated and with opportunity to
truly “rehabilitate” themselves, end recidivism, and help others to
grow as they have. You can sign a petition supporting this cause at
At our site you’ll find other ways to get involved with our campaign to
increase literacy and entrepreneurship everywhere its needed most!
For those without internet access, you can write in at Supreme Design,
PO Box 10887, Atlanta GA 30310 with a SASE for a reply by mail.
Supreme Design is dedicated to “Reinventing the World” by raising
solutionaries, people who find the answers and apply them to all problems we encounter. We build the future by teaching tomorrow’s leaders. We’ve built a righteous family around our endeavors, and we
thank you for your support and companionship.
Want to support our mission? There’s plenty of ways to spread awareness and empowerment:
1. Share our social and our site with anyone you think would benefit!
2. Sign up for our emails and share them too
3. Write reviews and comments promoting what we do
4. Join our sales and promotional teams
5. Write a blog or post a video about what you’ve learned from us!
6. Take people to a bookstore that carries our books
7. Visit a local library and request our books
8. Develop lesson plans or programs using our books
9. Start a bookclub or study group using our books
10. Introduce the books to a college or university professor
11. Donate our books to an indepenent Black school
12. Donate our books to a local homeless or women’s shelter
13. Donate our books to halfway house or group home
14. Incorporate our books into your own media projects
15. Mention one of our books every chance you get!
We love when you talk and post about us! Tag us or email us when
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Want early access to everything we do, including our events and book
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You can also contribute to our books by sharing your own local solutions and success stories. We have some very specific needs and guidelines! For details on our upcoming projects and what we’re looking for
(as well as everything above), visit supremedesignonline.com and get
Ready to see real change? We do! How? Teaching and learning what
works. That’s what it means to #BeSolutionary!
We started with the curriculum – you all showed us it could be used
anywhere – so now we’re building an educational system that you can
access anywhere – a true school without walls! For our needs!
We’re working on homeschooling programs and children’s curriculum,
as well as real-world learning for adults – teaching industry, science,
law, art, and mathematics.
Currently, you can take advantage of their #homeschooling #independentpublishing and #buildyourbusiness programs.
Homeschooling: www.ourbestschools.com
SelfPublishing: www.provenpublishing.com
BuildYourBusiness: www.righteousfamily.com
TSI in its early stages, but growing daily. It’s a member of Righteous
Family, a business network geared towards entrepreneurship and the
rebuilding of our communities. Sign up at righteousfamily.com
Did you know you can start a bookstore for your local community,
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You can just as easily start a bookstore, out of your living room, the
trunk of your car, a rolling cart, an ice cream truck, the corner of
someone’s barbershop or convenience store, the possibilities are endless.
Why not hit hair salons and festivals with books in your bag? You
could even go to door to door like a Mormon, except you’re pushing
knowledge of self and better health! Who doesn’t want that?
The books kinda sell themselves. We even provide you some materials
that can help. You’ve just gotta get yourself out there! Social media is
cool, but really getting “social” goes much further! Use your talents to
promote yourself as an entreprepreneur because this could be part of
your path upwards! You could turn your experience into a book that
could sell alongside ours!
Selling books isn’t bad money either. For example, our best package deal can make you $520 off an investment of $200. Not bad huh?
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bookclubs and study groups!
We’re putting out a ton of new guides and handbooks to success (in
every area of life) so you’ll be seeing our books everywhere soon. Why
not be a part of the process?
We’re really pushing to bring books and self-knowledge back!
Remember the days when people discussed books in barber shops and
hair salons – and sold them on street corners? We’re bringing that era
back in a new way – with you! Let’s make it happen! Peace to the
Gods and Earths, and all the Righteous Family across the Universe!

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