SOIL the School of Indigenous Learning is a leading school on the OBS directory but we are focusing less on increasing student enrollments at our base site in Atlanta (my school). We only want 2 teachers and 5 to 8 students as we begin! Over time, we will scale into a new location and expanded staff and larger student enrollment.

Rather, we are seeking to promote virtual educators who teach lessons that can be hosted on Youtube (as well as our sites) for all to view and share. We want to promote those remote educators (who have to apply to work with us and use our model and our network) so they can develop microschools in their own communities, using the SOIL model.

Thus SOIL is a learning model and a school system, as well as a business franchise. Effectively, we want to encourage the development of local home-based business schools. This means everyone is taking part in the learning, including the adults who will be working from home to make these microschools viable.

All local SOIL schools with be featured in local GototheBest sites like GotoATL and GotoMacon
By incorporating the GoGrowFood network of farms and gardens, SOIL schools will have access to fresh food and a network of field trip locations.

Through our partnership with AFROAZIA, SOIL students learn how to prepare and serve the best food on Earth.

By incorporating sponsorships from GoBro Scooters, award-winning SOIL students will receive free scooters as incentives for being recognized by their local media.

Supreme Design Publishing, Two Horizons Press, and other independent publishers provide our curriculum, including new topical guides from across the OBS community, published through Proven Publishing’s grant program for SOIL educators.

Righteous Family is a business association that represents all schools, nonprofits, and professionals that are members of the OBS family and all SOIL schools.

The Solutionary Institute, as a source of online courses for adult learners (including students who have graduated from the SOIL system for ages 4 to 17), will host video courses on trades, arts, sciences, and educational professional development.

Modern Melanin, an online journalism and social networking site for Original People (Black/Indigenous/People of Color)

SOIL schools, like Montessori, Waldorf, or Acton schools, employ a model of learning that is unlike most traditional schools. SOIL’s model derives from the work of Asa Hilliard, Naim Akbar, Jawanza Kunjufu, Mwalimu Baruti, Pedro Noguera, Marcus Kline, Paole Friere, and Allah (Clarence 13X).


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