Freedom Home Academy International’s Afrikan Centered Schools are founded with principles of academic excellence, Afrikan consciousness and pride, integrity, and political awareness. We offer Math, Science, English, French, Afrikan Ourstory and Urban Agriculture and Sustainability along with Chess, Jiu-Jitsu and Tai-Chi. The goal is to educate, nurture and prepare our children to be global competitors. Learn how our students consistently exceed traditional standards.


We developed The Principles of Positive and Critical Thinking which includes one of these principles as being the principle of identity which asserts instruction of the major subjects are rooted in identity–instruction from an African center. Assertive with brevity along with logical thought, we analyze what is there. With creative thought, we contemplate what ISN’T there and vision is the art of seeing the invisible. Our children have the potential of creative thinking. Stay Clarity is always the preeminent concern when writing, and the most important factors that determine a clear sentence are word choice, sentence structure, and punctuation. People often associate clarity with sentence length, but a 55-word sentence can be immediately clear, and a 12-word sentence can leave you puzzled. It depends on whether the words are easy to grasp, the sentence is easy to follow, and the punctuation conveys a clear meaning. So our 4 and 5 year olds are instructed and guided through sentence structure, coupled with vocabulary building, while mastering parts of speech.


Our method – regimented and demanding – focuses on teaching students to analyze and critically solve problems. Our students pursue a rigorous curriculum in reading, writing, mathematics, and science; and they begin in the early grades to study foreign languages, music, and the arts. In the process, they learn to be responsible and independent in their studies, and to work on their own and with others.

Our curriculum provides a continuum of skills in each of the core subject areas in order to allow for earlier mastery and greater depth of understanding than would be anticipated in a more typical curriculum. It places heavy emphasis on critical and creative thinking, inquiry and discovery strategies, problem solving, and rapid pacing.

The quality of students’ products is determined by appropriate levels of achievement and demonstrated proficiency. In the Iwa through Panther grade level, work is evaluated according to defined benchmarks. Assessments are a combination of narrative and rubric.

Iwa Grade level – Pre-school 2-4 years

Garvey Grade level – Kindergarten

Mali Grade level – 1st Grade through 2nd Grade

Panther Grade level – 3rd through 4th Grade

Akan Grade level – 5th through 6th Grade

Sankofa Grade level – 7th through 8th Grade

Asafo – High school Course study is cored through independent study and intense test preparation.

Core Curriculum is Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, African Culture and Thought, Foreign Language (French, Kiswahili), and Social Studies


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