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GoBro is a lifestyle brand offering the best in sustainable personal transportation for a post-apocalyptic future!
Plan on surviving a zombie apocalypse? Or just looking for an affordable way to get around town?
Either way, GoBro scooters are your best choice!

We carry a premier selection of e-scooters from trusted brands at prices everyone can afford. We only carry the best! Learn what that means here! We also offer wholesale discounts for local brand ambassadors and resellers! Don’t miss our add-ons, including solar chargers and carrying kits!

Fast and Efficient
They’re perfect for travel from home to work and back! Travels up to 20 miles on a single charge! Only takes 4-5 hours for a full charge! Goes from 0 to 18 mph in 5 seconds!

Legal and Safe
Multiple braking systems! Street legal in most cities for roads and/or sidewalks! Rugged tires that can handle trails and dirt! LED headlights and taillights for nighttime riding!

Portable and Money Saving
Folds down into a portable design! Light enough to carry upstairs on a shoulder strap! Save hundreds on scooter rentals! Save hundreds on transportation period!

That’s right! Owning a Go Bro Scooter is the best decision you can make today!

Models for Sale!
Ready to Join the GoBro Army? Check Out our Amazing Lineup at GOBROSCOOTERS.COM