We're a local business collective dedicated to seeing Atlanta thrive. We see the beauty in our community and want to share it with the world! Here, we feature the best of Atlanta and how you can experience it with us! Explore our guide to our city's best landmarks, events, neighborhoods, and Black-owned businesses, plus honest reviews and insights. Experience the Best of Atlanta!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this site for?

This site is the result of a partnership between members of the Righteous Family Business Association to collectively promote the best of our city. Because Righteous Family has members in cities across the country, we developed the GOTO Tourism brand as a means to encourage support across these communities.

What are the benefits of joining the site?

You'll be able to leave reviews and ratings for all the places you visit, as well as engaging with our local news writers and bloggers in the community section. We also send out weekly emails featuring local updates, promotions, and giveaways. You have to be signed up with us to participate in our contests and giveaways, but you can win a giveaway just by signing up!

How do I make an account?

To create your account, follow this registration link to signup: https://gotothebest.com/wp-signup.php You'll be asked to create a username and submit your email address. We send your registration email to this address, so please be sure to add atlanta@gototourism.com to your address book.

How do I submit a business or event listing?

Contact us! We'll walk you through the process. Businesses listed here have to become a member of the Righteous Family Business Association, where we share community based values to ensure our collective success. In the case of established businesses known to the community for a decade or longer, we provide this membership free of charge.

What kinds of reviews can I leave?

We'd love to see an abundance of positive reviews, but what's most important is that you're simply honest! We encourage everyone to be patient with new businesses or those challenged by staffing shortages in this new economy. Whenever you have a great experience, leave a review! And whenever you find something that needs work, see if you can talk to the business directly before leaving a harsh review. With that said, in every review, just be genuine! We want reviews we can trust.

How can I start writing local news?

Contact us! Make sure you send a link to some of your latest writing!

How will I know if I've won a giveaway?

We will announce it in our blog and on social media! We'll also do our best to contact you directly, so make sure your account info is up to date!

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