We are building a new kind of school in Atlanta and we need teachers! SOIL stands for School of Indigenous Learning, and we offer a child-centered curriculum that teaches our youth how to grow and prepare their own food, how to start and run their own business, and how to research, write and publish their own books and art!

We also teach self defense, yoga, meditation, dance, and music! Most importantly, we teach and build with the principles used by indigenous melanin-rich people all over the world for thousands of years before colonialism. At the same time, we learn to use modern technology and resources to accomplish our goals more efficiently!

We are led by Dr. Sujan Dass, a veteran educator, school leader, and curriculum developer. Our maximum enrollment for our initial school year is 12 students. We will begin with grades 6 and 7. We are looking for full-time teachers with experience in middle school education. We are on the hunt for dynamic teachers who care deeply about the success of our children, and who know how to encourage and produce amazing results with all types of learners! We are looking for educators who know about gardening, entrepreneurship, art, or publishing. Being able to cook and prepare vegan meals that are child-friendly. Having a great sense of humor is also a plus. Please don’t forget to mention if you have experience with grant writing, media relations, or establishing independent schools or nonprofit programs.

Our school schedule goes from 9am to 3pm with an afterschool program from 3pm to 6pm. Our staff report in morning and midday shifts. The morning shift comes in from 8am to 4pm, and the midday shift comes from 11am to 7pm. Each shift includes an hour-long paid lunch.

We are also looking for other positions, including weekly cleaning staff, administrative assistants, assistant teachers, and program coordinators. Our wages are competitive, and range from $12/hr to $18/hr based on experience. We offer part-time, full-time, and flexible schedules. We also offer a righteous and healthy work environment, with less stress than most traditional schools. If you’re selected, we will schedule an interview with you and go from there! We do require that you have your own transportation and can pass a background check, just to make sure you’re one of the righteous, ethical role models we want around our children!

If you’re interested, please email our director at drsujandass@gmail.com with your resume (or CV if you’re fancy) and a cover letter telling us about yourself, your relevant experience, and why we should hire you! If you can add links to any videos online of your teaching, even better!