Established in 1975 as the Bush Mountain Outdoor Activity Center, the initial purpose of the Outdoor Activity Center (OAC) was to involve children and adults in environmental issues through education about conservation, ecology and the natural environment.

Located approximately five miles from downtown Atlanta, this 26-acre urban nature preserve includes about 2.0 miles of trails, as well as a team-building ropes course, and a children’s nature themed playground. Among the learning facilities are a tree house classroom, a 650-gallon freshwater aquarium, and a multi-purpose building. Adjacent to the facility is a community-run vegetable garden and a practice lot for the Atlanta Black Crackers, a former Negro League baseball team and a unique sustainable urban farming system, Bioponica.

OAC is located approximately 5 miles from downtown Atlanta, at 1442 Richland Road, Atlanta, GA 30310. The site has been integral to the Fulton County and Atlanta Public Schools Systems.

WAWA’s environmental education programs at the OAC engage local youth, ranging from elementary to college age in service learning activities field trips and interpretive hikes throughout the 26 acre old growth forest, seeking to impact the visitor’s attitudes and behaviors about nature.

The programs complements classroom learning in math, science, social studies, history and language arts through interactive, interdisciplinary activities, independent observation, exploration, and free play. Programs are correlated to Georgia Performance Standards. Participants learn about the importance of their role as stewards of a healthy and sustainable environment.