Puerto Rico: An Experience You Deserve

Author: @afr808

It was beautiful to be on an island where it didn’t feel criminal to be black. A getaway from home that felt like home, a place where an open heart, open ears, and a desire to be understood will take you where you want to go.

Centrally located right off the strip in San Juan, our lodging was beautiful , our tour guide got us accustomed to the traffic, the beaches, and common areas where we could find what we needed. Also provided basic Spanish lessons, great advice to safely travel the city, respect for the local culture and customs.

Travelling across the island to Mayaguez we tasted flavors that only fresh produce brings out in a meal, everywhere the food was delicious food trucks and all.

Our stay at the #supernaturalhacienda in Mayaguez was even better than San Juan, we talking bout a view of the city like no other under stars with less light pollution. 
This is how you cleanse your mind, body, and spirit.

I will be back next tour!