@jeholmn 💜 My Travel to PR

My experience was a new beginning for me. To have gone to a place of such humble surroundings. I was a bit nervous at first, specially going by myself, but that was complete gone by the first morning. The environment is nothing like I have witnessed before, a new experience, the weather, the atmosphere and all.

Supreme Understanding, being very knowledgeable in PR made the trip that much more comforting. The places we visited, the food we got to experience was all something I have to go back for again. I met some amazing spiritual people in PR and they have definitely opened my eyes to a new mindset. I can’t wait to go back again, I was even possibly considering making PR my home one day, I felt so comfortable and one with nature and people there.

Thank you to all that has made this trip possible, and hope to see everyone again soon! 🧭 🔜 www.cometopr.com ✈️