Experience the Best of Puerto Rico!

We’re a local business collective dedicated to seeing this enchanted island thrive. We see the beauty in our communities and want to share it with the world. Here we feature the best of Puerto Rico and how you can experience it with us! Explore our guide to our city’s best landmarks, events, neighborhoods, and Black-owned businesses, plus honest reviews and insights. Don’t forget to follow our blog to read local perspectives or schedule a tour and experience it all with us!


West Coast Culture Tour

All inclusive tour of the best of Puerto Rico, from San Juan to the island’s west side.

3 Days and 2 Nights With All Expenses Covered!

That means all ground travel, activities, lodging, tours, and amazing vegetarian meals and drinks daily!

All for only $650 per person (normally $1000) or $1100 per couple (normally $1800) Act fast, as there's only 8 spots available per tour!

Our Total Tour Package Broken Down!

Book your own flights! · Stay with the group! · The rest is on us!

3 Days, 2 Nights All Inclusive Tour Package


Throughout this immersive experience, building connections is what makes the trips that bit more exciting so all of our accommodations are communal. Don’t worry! There are enough beds for all guests.
On top of that there are different room divisions at every site we operate with. Our experienced team can work with you to put you in a room or space that best meets your needs, but we appreciate those who can appreciate the experience of summer camp or a freshman college dorm, where meeting new people is fun and exciting!


  • Tour size: Max 8pp
  • Rate Per Person – $650
  • Two Person Rate – $1150

Additional Addons

While we aim to make this experience unique for you, we do offer some additional add ons to help make it more personal and most importantly, more memorable.
These include: Stay at your own private airbnb nearby the meetups – 200USD per night Extend your stay and visit the cultural capital of Loiza and El Yunque rainforest – $200 pp (whole day, includes vegan breakfast and lunch and English tour guide)

Other full day activities include

  • Camping in the mountains of Mayaguez!
  • Working on a local organic farm!
  • Exploring the rivers of inner Puerto Rico!
  • Boating & beach activities and much more!

All these off the beat and track activities are between $100 and $300 and include transportation, an English guide and vegetarian (or vegan) meals. Please contact us for more information and how we can tailor these addons to your needs.


All attendees will be required to certify that they do no have Covid or any other contagious disease and are healthy enough to travel.


I saw Supreme's video and was wondering how can I travel without a passport or testing?

Puerto Rico is a US territory so therefore you do not require a passport for traveling to this island, however when you arrive there is a declaration of travel where they will ask you certain questions and would advise you to quarantine (but they do not perform any test on you.)..

I’m definitely interested in adding on and learning in such a wonderful space. I’m a single homeschooling mom and an artist. Please send me information?

Right now it is extremely inexpensive to fly to Puerto Rico. You can get a Spirit Airlines ticket for as low as $63. One-way. You do not need a passport & the airport that is open right now is SJU Airport.

Hello! I’m interested in supplying some art for the hotel! I saw the post on the @supremeunderstanding page!

Gratitude in advance for your charitable kindness. You can ship donations to: Timika Kelly 100 Calle Principe P.O. Box 506 Mayagüez PR 00680 ... if you prefer a drop off location I can supply you with a physical address. Thank you in advance

Will Supreme Understanding attend every tour?

Supreme Understanding is confirmed for the tours starting October 30th and November 3rd respectively. There is a possibility that he may not attend the tour starting November 6th.

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